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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Digital Railroad Launches Marketplace

Digital Railroad (DR) launched the Beta of their Marketplace today. DR has already built a great platform for photographer's and agencies to manage their own assets/archives, workflows and storefronts - now with the launch of the Marketplace, all of those archives can be searched through a single sign-on for photo buyers.

The real impact of Digital Railroad has been to return the control of their work to the professional photographer. Previously, DR subscribers were able to use the platform to promote their own archives, now, by participating in the Marketplace, they will be able to gain exposure to traffic from more photo buyers.

Photo buyers and flocking to the Digital Railroad Marketplace because of the 1000 members and 50 agencies who are putting up the freshest and most desirable content on attractive terms (set by the seller). There are others who are trying to aggregate photographs and photographers but they do not have the caliber of professional work available on Digital Railroad. The big 800 lb gorillas in this business have built bloated and inefficient mechanisms for marketing content to buyers. They have acted as "gatekeepers" and "toll collectors" to the free flow of commerce between the buyers who are looking to purchase content and the professionals who are taking the pictures. The Digital Railroad platform eliminates that friction and provides a much cleaner solution that will result in more and better content for buyers at better prices while returning more profit to the photographer or agency.

Keep and eye on Digital Railroad’s Marketplace – it has potential to carve out a major role in the future of how photos and other digital content are discovered, bought and sold.


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