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Saturday, May 17, 2003

My First Blog Post

Here's my first email post to my WebLog using Radio Userland. So when I combine this with my Mobile Photo Uploader (Toshiba e740), I'm livin' large, doing near-real-time photography and publishing! If this works, next I'll try it with a picture!

Wireless Imaging
Here's a picture of my car taken with my Sony Clie NZ-90 (picture missing).

I bought it thinking it was going to be a great hybrid device to test out some wireless imaging concepts but it was a failure in practical use. I was using it with the Sony Wifi card (that protruded from the case). Too many features in too big of a package compromised its usefulness for any one for the devices it was intended to replace. The other problem was a bug with the battery management routine when the camera was used. After tasking two pictures, the PDA thought the battery was low and it first shut off the flash, then it shut off the camera! The dealer ( was nice enough to agree to replace the unit so I can sell it on eBay. I am now using a Toshiba e740 PocketPC PDA with built-in Wifi and both a CF and Smart Media card. I take the pictures with my Nikon CoolPix and then pop the card into the PDA, find a Starbucks and I'm in business. I'm dangerously close to pulling the trigger on a Nokia 3650. I think I've been able to rationalize how my total monthly expense for cell service will only increase by $20.

Here's a picture from an MIT Wireless Forum meeting I attended on Mesh wireless networks. (picture missing).

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