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Thursday, October 27, 2005

First Screen Shots of Riya

Michael Arrington over at Techcrunch get the scoop on the launch of I was lucky enough to meet with Munjal and Tara a few weeks ago as they were putting the finishing touches on the Alpha and can't wait to give it a try.

This is one of the "holy grails" of computer vision because it is a really hard problem to solve (because of the immense variability in pose and lighting in the typical set of consumer snapshots). Very few users have really started tagging and organizing their photos in ernest because it is so tedious though once you get started it is hard to stop. has the potential to set off an explosion of tagging that may finally unlock the potential of the billions of digital images we are taking every day.

I'm working with the guys at Future Image on a more in-depth look at Riya and how it works it's tagging magic! Stay tuned......................

MITX Fireside Chat 10/26/05

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Jeremy and JJ Alliare were the guests at the MITX Fireside Chat held at the Harvard Faculty Club last evening.

It was well attended and JJ and Jeremy talked both about their past successes with Allaire and their current projects, JJ with Onfolio (my RSS reader of choice) and Jeremy with Brighcove.

Dan Bricklin was nice enough to record the event and post the podcast.