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Monday, August 28, 2006

Better late........ Flickr adds Geotagging

So I'm late on this one but the rumored geotagging features on Flickr went live today. Right now you have to go to the Organizr to access the map and tag your photos - I'm sure they will add more links to add geotags (like from a photo's detail page) in the future. If you have already added geotags, they are picked up automatically.

Once a photo has a geotag you can access it via a "map" link on the description page and a small window pops up showing you the location. One thing that looks like it will need some work (or bigger servers on the back end) is the map-based search which is a little slow to refresh at different zoom levels.

Overall, a very solid addition to the web's leading photo sharing community. Someday soon all of this geotagging will happen transparently but for now Flickr's geotagging is a fun and easy way to put yourself on the map!

Monday, August 14, 2006

YouShoot on ABC News!

Ryan and Brian from YouShoot, a Boston-based startup, had a great interview on ABC News today.  Their business is renting digital cameras for events and then providing an online platform for sharing and printing. Their primary events have been weddings though the service is also great for corporate events or other functions where you want to capture some candid photos.  

They have bootstrapped the business to-date but are looking to scale up in the near future. 

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Will new SONY GPS device start the trend?

PhotographyBLOG has a report of the announcement from SONY today of the GPS-CS1 GPS Device that will be available in September for $150. Thought this is not technologically revolutionary (you can buy a portable Garmin GPS for about $100 and use software like Picasa to link your photos to Google Earth or Google Maps) what is significant is that finally a major camera brand is going to promote the combination of GPS and digital photography. It looks like it might be tied to working only with SONY digital cameras which would be really unfortunate (for me since I have three Nikon Coolpix cameras). There is software that I've referenced before like GPS PhotoLink that does the matching for you but it is $995.

Is this a tipping point for GPS photography? Almost every new photo sharing site I look at has some form of manual geotagging thanks to Google's open API. I like the accessory path for early adopters but ideally you would like this built into the camera.