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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Ok, what did I tell 'ya.................
Yahoo dips its toes in the blogging waters. The first blogging service to bear the
Yahoo name has been launched by Yahoo Korea Corp. [
InfoWorld: Top News]

The stars are aligning. MSN and Yahoo can't be far behind.
AOL introduces blog tools, scores NFL deal. America Online Inc. (AOL) continued
to court users with new content and services this week, adding both blogging
tools and expanded National Football League (NFL) audio and video
programming to its grab bag of Internet offerings. [
InfoWorld: Top News]

This is big news, with Yahoo in the RSS game this thing will snowball. Say goodbye to the browser and hello to the aggregator!
Jeremy Zawodny: "RSS is alive at well at Yahoo. Watch for more in the future." [Scripting News]

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Can Johnny Blog?

Looks like the blog snowball continues.......
Can Johnny Blog?. This may be the year that school blogs come into their own.
Also: College life told through a "daily jolt" and researching National
Geographic. By Pamela Licalzi O'connell. [
New York Times: