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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10

After many years of trusty service, my Coolpix P-3 has gotten tired. The lens creaks when it zooms and though it takes great pictures - it is missing a lot of attractive features found in the latest generation of DC's. When Woot had the DMC-ZS10 for $199 (refurb) with a 4 GB card and case - I jumped. Too early to tell - but this is what I had been talking about 6-8 years ago. To many shutterbugs - this issue had become moot as their primary snapshot picture capture device in the smartphone where GPS and location are elegantly integrated into the device. The issue with a standalone digital camera had always been how to fit a communications-oriented module into the architecture of a pixel processing device. So far, the ZS10 has been performing well. I hear battery life if an issue (not surprising since the batter pack is tiny - so I've already ordered a backup. Picasa 3.8 has no problems reading the location tags and putting the pictures on the Places map. Will keep you posted as I take more photos.

Revival & Recovery

Looks like I have not been paying much attention to this blog for a while............ Blogger stopped supporting FTP publishing last year and some clever folks decided to try to hijack my blog which even after almost 4 years of inactivity - was still getting traffic. While I seem to have gotten the posts back, looks like I'll need to do some link repair to get the images working again.